• Child protection services
    Badisa Tygerberg is a designated child protection organisation and renders a comprehensive social intervention service towards child protection.
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    We enable and empower people to function independently through holistic community-based programmes.

Services enhancing the best interest of children

The children’s act proclaims the best interest of the child as paramount to any rights of adults, parents or carers.  If any person are of the opinion that care of and contact with a child is prohibited by any party/parent the person can contact Badisa Tygerberg in this regard.  The office will afford the necessary mediation services to come to a joint conclusion.  This particularly includes unmarried fathers, grandparents or any significant other who can proof that a relationship is withheld and is detrimental to the best interest of a specific child.  Badisa Tygerberg will assist the parties in registering a care, contact or parent plan.

Badisa Tygerberg Annual Report

Badisa Tygerberg is a Designated Child Protection Organisation and renders a comprehensive social intervention service towards child protection within the communities of: Uitsig, Ravensmead, Eureka, Parow, Parow Valley, Connaught and Cravenby.

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