• Child protection services
    Badisa Tygerberg is a designated child protection organisation and renders a comprehensive social intervention service towards child protection.
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    We enable and empower people to function independently through holistic community-based programmes.

Risk assessments of children in high risk circumstances

When parents experience difficult circumstances and are not able to provide in the needs of their children Badisa Tygerberg will assist the family to provide alternative care for children until parents are able to rehabilitate and resume care of their children.

When parents show little insight in behaviour that negatively influence the lives of their children, the designated social worker is mandated by the Department of Social Services to implement the children’s act and provide alternative safe care options pending the finalisation of a children’s court inquiry.


The following services address risks and needs in the community:

  • identifies children in high risk circumstances
  • assessing the impact of the abuse and neglect on the child’s wellbeing
  • referral to therapeutic services
  • assisting parents to assess risks, compile a risk management plan and to implement protection measures to enable parents to act in the best interest of their children.
  • Individual or group counselling sessions
  • referral of abusers and affected families for more specialized therapeutic services
  • providing food and clothes to needy families
  • life skill workshops for children with challenging behaviour

Badisa Tygerberg Annual Report

Badisa Tygerberg is a Designated Child Protection Organisation and renders a comprehensive social intervention service towards child protection within the communities of: Uitsig, Ravensmead, Eureka, Parow, Parow Valley, Connaught and Cravenby.

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