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Become a foster parent

Often vulnerable children need to be safeguarded into a place of safety. In such cases, it is important to keep in mind that these children needs stability, support and acceptance within an alternative placement. As a result, it is important that suitable and passionate safety parents will be willing to open their homes and hearts to these vulnerable children.

If you have it in your heart to help a child, we ask that you contact us on reception@badisatygerberg.org.za or on 021-9399120 for for further information on foster care and/or the selection process for safety and foster parents.


The process of becoming a foster parent

A foster parent will be screened through an intimate questionnaire about their background, marriage, parenting skills, discipline methods and their involvement in their church and community. The social worker will also conduct a home visit to ensure that the child will be provided with a safe environment, that the family has the means to care for the children and that other family members or siblings have been informed and are ready to share their home.

Their status will be checked on the child protection register, and they would also need to obtain police clearance. Once all the regulatory paperwork has been finalised the Department of Social Development will issue a Form 39, which formally appoints the foster parent.

Badisa Tygerberg Annual Report

Badisa Tygerberg is a Designated Child Protection Organisation and renders a comprehensive social intervention service towards child protection within the communities of: Uitsig, Ravensmead, Eureka, Parow, Parow Valley, Connaught and Cravenby.

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