• Child protection services
    Badisa Tygerberg is a designated child protection organisation and renders a comprehensive social intervention service towards child protection.
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Foster care supervision services

Services to children in alternative care are very important and will include supervision of the foster care placement and the management of an individual development plan (IDP). The IDP will guide the development of the child in dealing with the challenges of living in alternative care and to reach his or her full potential in spite of compromising social circumstances.  Supervision services to children in foster care should be done in conjunction with the family reunification services. An order of alternative care is made by the children’s court for a period of two years – this place a heavy burden on parents to better their lives in order for their children to be placed back in their care.

Badisa Tygerberg Annual Report

Badisa Tygerberg is a Designated Child Protection Organisation and renders a comprehensive social intervention service towards child protection within the communities of: Uitsig, Ravensmead, Eureka, Parow, Parow Valley, Connaught and Cravenby.

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