Entrepreneurs Clothing Project

Women in the community buy clothing at a minimal fee from our clothing room and are assisted in the resale of these clothes at a profit to others in their community. They are taught to compile a budget and stick to it. This is a way for them to start their own business and provide for their families.

We invite you to join us to create work opportunities within the framework of the Entrepreneurs Clothing Project.
A clothing sale is held twice a month at the Badisa Tygerberg office to support this bipartite project:

  1. To supply children, who come from dependent families and do not have any other source of income, with the necessary skills.
  2. To train single mothers to be entrepreneurs by teaching them basic business principles, thereby enabling them to provide for their families.

To keep this project alive, we are dependent on clothing donations, especially kids and youth clothing.
Should you be able to donate clothing and require additional information, please contact our Head of Office, Thys de Coning on 021 939 9120.

Contact us if you would like to support this project