Badisa Poppie Project

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This year Badisa will be launching the “Poppie Project” at all their social service offices in three provinces as a symbolic project of their service delivery in the child protection sphere. This project consists of handmade ragdolls, fridge magnets, key rings and gift paper which represents real children who have received child protection services through Badisa. These items also represent the children’s potential, dreams and favourable outcomes provided by social service delivery. Furthermore, the poppets tell the stories of necessary services delivered by social workers. This includes:

  • Risk assessment of children and families where abuse, neglect and abandonment have been reported.
  • Implementing statutory processes where childcare and protection is needed, keeping the child’s best interest at heart.
  • Supporting and implementing statutory court orders.
  • Placement of children in alternative care, such as foster care, children’s homes and/or youth homes for adoption.
  • Aftercare services to children placed in alternative care.
  • Identifying areas to strengthen families and making reunification possible.

Purpose and outcomes

The aim of the project is to increase awareness among the general public, sponsors, schools and congregations concerning child protection and children’s rights, as well as to mobilise the public to report neglect, abuse and violence against children. It also creates a favourable association of child protection services for sponsors.

The above-mentioned goals are aligned with Badisa’s general organisational goals and includes: implementing social services; establishing, strengthening and maintaining Badisa’s relationships with congregations; and implementing marketing and communication strategies in so that the public, churches and other stakeholders can become part of the social development of communities.

The functional benefits include:

  • Protection of children and strengthening of families.
  • The poppets are used to create awareness and educate parents, teachers and children to associate themselves with the product and chosen outcomes.
  • Children will be able to reach their full potential and their rights will be protected and built upon.
  • Healthy communities, prosperity and a better future.

Thus, Badisa’s child protection poppets represent children and their stories who touch our hearts on a daily basis – children whose humanity have been crippled by unfavourable circumstances. They are facing an uphill battle – sometimes even before birth.

Is it not time that parents, schools, churches and communities unite for the safety of our children? Dream and work with us to create a better future for the children of our communities.

Communities, schools and churches can get involved by adopting a poppet or by purchasing a sticker at their nearest Badisa office to wear on a civvies day during Child Protection Week.

Badisa is a non-profit organisation and a public charity organisation. Donations are tax deductable. Badisa will also provide a certificate indicating that the organisation’s beneficiaries are 80% non-white (B-BBEE).