To address the social issues in our society we need professional delivery partners

To address the social issues in our society we need professional delivery partners

Statistics tells our story

Statistics tell our story

Why don’t you join us to help build a sustainable community

Why don’t you join us to help build a sustainable community?


Based in Parow, BADISA Tygerberg is a programme of Badisa, a national social services organisation. We exist to deliver professional social services to children and families in high-risk circumstances, in order to provide safety and stability towards progress, as well as sustainable and prosperous communities. We draw on the collective expertise and many years’ experience of our staff in serving our community and strive to partner with other professionals who can help us to deliver on our vision.

• To deliver social services in a transparent manner through the appointment of social service professionals and knowledgeable management.

• To pursue mutually beneficial partnerships with role players in our community in order to deliver on our vision.

• To deliver on our mission by adhering to the requirements of the Children’s Act 38 of 2005.

How you can help:

To achieve our goals, we are always in need of:

• Professional role players in the community to help us empower individuals with knowledge and skills towards entrepreneurship and creating job opportunities.

• Resources to facilitate early intervention and awareness to procure safety and foster parents.

• Improved facilities where services are rendered.

The children we help today can be the future tomorrow, help us to save them, equip them and ensure a brighter tomorrow.

Badisa tygerberg Business


Please consider joining our professional awareness programme:
Excellence for Action

We require business expertise, speech therapists, psychologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and trauma counsellors.

Badisa tygerberg School


Improve relationships with principals of schools in the area. Communicate with them on a monthly basis through newsletters. Request opportunity for workshop with teachers to improve the outcomes for children with behavioural and learning problems.



Establish relationships in the VGK, NGK churches in the area and establish two fundraising events per year where both the churches and children benefit.


Do you have questions, feedback or want to commission a project?
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